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Upcoming Camps

Important Instructions: - Please read carefully and follow
  • Strictly no Diving and Swimming into water by any chance.
  • Persons having High / Low Blood Pressure , Asthma or any other critical disease should not join trekking camps.
  • Each member will be responsible for his/her own safety, and the organizers, Group Leader, Instructors, Guide are not responsible for any mishappening.
  • No littering, no pollution of water and Forest.
  • No Smoking, tobacco and alcohol.
  • We carry basic first aid; please do inform us if you need any special attention.
  • If you don't feel well, bring it to the notice of the Volunteers immediately.
  • Location may change at the Moment as it depends upon the Weather condition and amount of rains.
  • Please avoid wearing Gold and other ornaments.
  • Please be in the Group.
  • Please don't apply any Deo, Perfumes on trek.
  • All Camps are for Members only. Non Members are allowed Ones along with member only.
  • For Membership one should have some reference from member and after approval, Membership No. and Card will be issued.
  • This is an exploratory trek, kindly bear with anything that might come ahead of us.
  • All expectations are imaginary.

Want to become Volunteer

ORION Group - It is a volunteer group of club. Anyone who want to serve as a volunteer, want to do more adventures, learn various safety technique, Ready to follow Jungle rule and believe in LEAVE NO TRACE can become the Orion, for more info please contact at office. Apart from these adventures we do biking exploration in search of new Waterfalls / Hills and Treks only Volunteers can join this. It's Free.

Dear Member / Friends
here again our Winter Programs are out, Please book asap according to your interest of program.

November 2018 to January 2019
Please Note: Venue/Trekking Location/Dates may change, please check before any further confirmation. Also attain the PPM (Pre Program meeting (mandatory)) before the program. Only on Advance Booking

09th - 10th March 2019 : Night Camping in the Natural Location
28th - 29th April 2019 : Outdoor Boot Camp
2nd - 11th May 2019 : CHANDRANAHAN LAKE (4200 M)
There will always be few surprise Adventures, Trips to Himalaya, Family Trips and some pilot treks, wildlife safaris. So keep follow our facebook group, Page, Instagram for updates.

09th to 10th March, 2019

Night Camping in the Natural Location

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28th to 29th April, 2019

Outdoor Boot Camp

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2nd - 11th May, 2019

CHANDRANAHAN LAKE (4200 M) Pabber valley – Shimla (H.P.)

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For more assistance please contact -
Office : 0731- 4095901
Helpline : 9752447703
Facebook page – outdoorindia
Instagram – Outdoorindia